Mahashtra State Agri and Rural Tourism
Co-Operative Federation Ltd - MART

Vision And Mission

Vision Of MART
  • There are agri tourism training programms held division wise in state.
  • 16 May is celebrated as World Agri-Tourism Day.On that day,Agri tourism Honouring Award given to Farmer & Co-operative Organization.
  • Agri Tourism Expert,Sucessful agri tourism holder,Farmers;all together to organise conference in agri tourism forum
  • Agri tourism Festivals are organized in different states to introduce culture of various states
  • To give training to farmers which do agri tourism & co-operative organization to increase quality of agri tourism services.
  • Mart is always ready to solve problems faced in agri tourism
Mission Of MART
  • To aware,spread information about Agri & rural tourism to farmers in Maharashtra.
  • To bulid Maximum agri projects in Maharashtra
  • To Produce man power for Agri tourism.
  • To develop farmers & co-operative oraganization by gathering together.
  • All agri tourism centers are get together for marketing.
  • Farmers are inspired by providing training for best quality services.
  • Farmers are guided & trained for Agri & rural tourism.
  • To bring culture of Maharashtra in tourism map.
  • To comprimize with banks,states,state government for economical help in agri tourism.