Mahashtra State Agri and Rural Tourism
Co-Operative Federation Ltd - MART

Guidelines For Affiliation Of Agri Tourism Centers In Maharashtra With MART


1. Where to apply: The proposal can be submitted to:

The Director Extension,
434,Shukrawar Peth,Anushri Heights,1st Floor,Shivaji Road,
Pune -411002

2. The Agri tourism centers applying for registration will have to provide all the information supported by required documents as per the following formats:

a) Application Form as at Annexure-I.
b) Checklist of facilities at Annexure-II.
c) Declaration at Annexure-III
d) Undertaking at Annexure-IV.
e) Police verification in Annexure-V.

3. The application fee of Rs.15,000 (for three years) + Rs. 7000(for three days training programme which is compulsary) + Rs. 500 (for 2nd directory compulsary)shall be payable to the MAHARASHTRA STATE AGRI & RURAL TOURISM CO-OPERATIVE FEDERATION LTD - MART through Demand Draft, payable at Pune OR Directly in PDCC bank, Deccan Gymkhana Br. Pune bearing IFS CODE: HDFCOCPDCCB A/C No. 1/92.

4. The registration of Agri Tourism Centers shall be done only in those cases where the agriculture farms are fully developed and worth visiting from the tourism point of view.

5. It is mandatory to have minimum 3 letable rooms for registration of the Agri Tourism Center.

6. The registration shall be done initially for three years from the date of signing of agreement which could be further extended depending on the recommendation of the Inspecting / Reviewing Committee of MAHARASHTRA STATE AGRI & RURAL TOURISM CO-OPERATIVE FEDERATION LTD - MART taking into consideration the quantum of business generated, number of visitors, maintenance of Agri Tourism center etc.

7. It is mandatory to maintain a visitor’s book and remarks obtained from the guests and the same is forwarded every month to MAHARASHTRA STATE AGRI & RURAL TOURISM CO-OPERATIVE FEDERATION LTD - MART Offices at Pune.

8. The Farmer/ owner of the Agri Tourism Center is responsible for any casualty which may occur during the stay of the visitors and is liable to provide immediate medical and transportation assistance. The FARMER will be required to give an affidavit to this effect at the time of registration.

9. MART may cancel the registration, if any complaint of any nature is received against the FARMER.

10. The availability of facilities and services will be evaluated as per the enclosed checklist (checklist will have to be duly filled in and signed on all pages and submitted to MART

11. An inspection committee of MART will inspect the Agri Tourism center and recommend its registration and thereafter inspection shall be carried out at regular intervals to monitor the progress.

12. MART reserves the right to modify the guidelines / terms and conditions from time to time.

13. All the liabilities such as rates and taxes on electricity, water, property and entertainment etc. will be borne by the FARMER. MART does not assure any relaxation / exemption on the liabilities specified above.

14. No sign boards or logo or name of MART will be displayed in any form including printed publicity material, cash receipts, letter heads, rubber stamps etc. by the Farmers. Violation of this condition will attract cancellation of registration.

15. A affiliation certificate shall be issued by MARTwhich can be displayed at the reception / office. Farmers may only use the term affiliated with MART on their sign boards or their other printed materials.

16. Any change in tariff, discontinuation of activity or inclusion of new activity from the tourism point of view implemented by the FARMER should be conveyed to MART.

17. A police verification report is required to be submitted by the Agri Tourism Center owner on the prescribed Performa (Annexure-V).

18. The Rules & Regulations of the concerned departments/agencies of the Government shall be strictly adhered to by the Farmers. They should ensure that no rules or norms are violated in any manner. It will be the sole responsibility of the FARMER to face the consequences if any action is initiated by these departments.

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